From Invisible to Influential:

The Beginners Guide to Building a Personal Brand on Social Media 

What's included in this Course?

MODULE 1: Intro to Personal Branding

  1. Intro to the course

  2. What is a personal brand?

  3. Why is a personal brand important?

MODULE 2: Your Why

4.    What is your why?
5.    Why do you want to be known?
6.    Your vision

MODULE 3: The What

7.    What do you want to be known for?
8.    How to specify and narrow down your what
9.    How to provide value
10.    Documenting

MODULE 4: Who Do You Want to Know You?

11.    Whose attention do you want?
12.    Who do you want to influence?
13.    Who do you think you will listen to you?

MODULE 5: How You Gain Influence

14.    How to present yourself authentically
15.    Be where your audience is
16.    Engagement 
17.    Consistency

MODULE 6: Set Up Your Profiles for Success

18.    Username, bio, profile picture, etc.
19.    Document your  profiles' current statistics